Incorporated in the year 2012, Oak-dexter Consult is a company born out of a passion for educating people! Education is the fuel that powers the progress of any society hence Oak-Dexter Consult sees it fit to empower as many candidates as are willing and able to go the extra mile! Oak-dexter Consult is devoted to the facilitation of the placement of African students into Educational Institutions abroad at High School, Undergraduates, and Postgraduate level. We are affiliated to many Colleges and Universities in UK, North America, The Caribbeans, Ukraine, Malaysia, Georgia, Cyprus, Turkey and other countries. Our job is to connect the willing minds with the immense opportunities existing out there hence fulfilling our passion of contributing to the growth of the community!

Why Choose Us?

At Oak-Dexter Consult, we offer in-depth counseling to help students select the right course of study at the most suitable University abroad taking into account their special values, strengths and the requirements of the individual student. We also facilitate direct placement into a wide number of Educational Institutions abroad for courses ranging from foundation courses to first degrees up to Masters Degrees.

Our Services