At Oak-Dexter Consult, we offer in-depth counseling to help students select the right course of study at the most suitable University abroad taking into account their special values, strengths and the requirements of the individual student. We also facilitate direct placement into a wide number of Educational Institutions abroad ranging from foundation courses to first degrees up to Masters. As traveling abroad can be a daunting process, we also provide support for Visa applications, processing and documentation through proper counseling. At Oak-Dexter Consult we also monitor the progress of our students in their school of choice in order to ensure they are meeting their grades and can thus remain in our special consultancy services! Financial Advisory At Oak-Dexter Consult, we know the importance of education, more-so, we know the importance of good education. However, good education usually comes at a 'good' price. That is why we take it upon ourselves to provide the best alternatives money can buy. In lieu of this, we offer our candidates many destinations around the world where they can obtain a proud education.


We are affiliated to many colleges and universities in Uk, U.S.A. Australia, Canada
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Summer Class

We partner with universities and colleges in the designated country who offer world class summer program for children from different part of the world.
In this program, emphasis is made on development of a positive global perspective among students. Students learn that people are closely connected and must be kind to each other.
Students will be challenged in overall personal growth and development during their stay. The wide variety of class work, activities and outing will greatly increase the development of the student. This is done under the supervision of counselors.
Our Summer school is a 2 weeks Leadership Program that incorporate indoor and outdoor learning environment to create a truly unique educational experience.
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