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At Oak-Dexter Consult, We are devoted to the facilitation of the placement of African students into Educational Institutions...
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At Oak Dexter Consult, we also organize summer schools for students in Canada and other parts of the world ...
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We offer in-depth counseling to help students select the right course of study at the most suitable University...
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Incorporated in the year 2012, Oak-Dexter Consult is a company born out of a passion for quality education. Oak-Dexter Consult is devoted to the facilitation of the placement of students into Educational Institutions abroad at High School, Undergraduates, and Postgraduate level. Our job is to connect the willing minds with the immense opportunities existing out there hence fulfilling our passion of being part of the success story of every child that comes into our office.

Oak-Dexter is dedicated to helping you in your quest for a quality education for a better life!

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We have highly trained staff available that offer quality counselling to students.